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Updated 06/11/20: August sessions also online

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Orientation will go on as scheduled, just in an online format. On your orientation date, you will meet with your advisor individually, either by video chat or by phone, to discuss your schedule and address any questions you might have about your program. We will also have online sessions available with information about financial aid, scholarships, housing and more, and we will be standing by to answer any questions you or your family might have.

College Advising Information

To make the best use of your advising session, it is essential to review your academic college's advising page. Each college has their own forms and processes, and these pages will help you navigate those steps.

Virtual Advising FAQ

Within 5 days of your orientation session, you will receive an email from UASuccess Calendar to your UARK email. Students are assigned an advising appointment based on their orientation session. If you signed up for a two-day session, your advising appointment will be on day two.

Advising appointments will be conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams. An advisor will "call your computer" directly through Microsoft Teams when they are ready to begin your advising appointment. Be sure to log in to Microsoft Teams 15 minutes early to make sure your appointment can start on time.

All UASuccess Calendar appointments are for Central Daylight Time (CDT). If your Outlook Time Zone is not set to CDT, then the appointment time in your calendar may be different from what's displayed in your email, as Outlook has adjusted the calendar item for a different time zone.

The advising appointment date and time in the subject and the body of the email will always be accurate.

Microsoft Teams is a tool academic advisors will use to allow for virtual one-on-one advising appointment. You should become familiar with Microsoft Teams prior to your appointment. You have 3 different ways you can access Microsoft Teams:

While we prefer to meet with you in a virtual environment where students and advisors can see each other, we understand that this may not be possible for everyone. Students who will not have access to a computer or stable internet for their advising appointment will be able to indicate the need for a phone appointment on the Pre-Advising form for their college. Pre-Advising forms will be part of your orientation preparation process regardless of your academic college or major. See "How do I prepare for my individual advising appointment?" for more information.

Yes, however, advisors may wish to share their screens with you to show you documents and other important advising information. These documents may be too small to read on a smart phone or tablet, so a laptop or desktop computer is strongly preferred.

Each major at the university is part of one of six academic colleges. You will meet with an advisor in the academic college that your major is part of.

Start with this advising page to view general information about academic advising for orientation. This page has a link to your academic college's orientation page (see "College Advising Information" above). Each college will have specific information and presentations you will need to review to prepare for your advising appointment. It is especially important that you complete the Pre-Advising form for your college, once available, to help your advisor learn more about you and prepare for your appointment.

Each student will have a 30 minute scheduled advising meeting.

We are aware students have multiple interests that lead to a minor or possibly one or more additional majors. For the purpose of orientation advising, you will need to focus on one major. If you are interested in business or engineering, we recommend you focus on those majors as they have specific sequences of courses.

If your major is not changing, you will be able to discuss your class options when you meet with an advisor during orientation. If you want to change your major, see "How do I change my major before my orientation session?" below.

Looking to explore majors offered at the University of Arkansas? Try the MyMajors tool. After completing the assessment, you will receive a list of potential University of Arkansas majors that fit your educational and career goals. If you select a major that is in a different academic college than the one currently listed on your application for admission, see "How do I change my major before my orientation session?" below. You also have the option to be an exploring student in any of the six colleges, so there is no rush to choose a major right away.

Due to the volume of students who are registered for each orientation session, we are not able to accommodate same-day rescheduling for advising appointments. If you were unable to meet with your advisor during your assigned appointment time you will need to reschedule your orientation session for an available date later in June or in August.

Changing majors is not unusual for incoming students, but it will impact your orientation experience. Since your orientation advisor is assigned based on your academic college (and sometimes specific major) it is important that we have your most updated major on file as soon as possible. This is a time sensitive issue, so please review the information below carefully and follow the instructions that fit your specific situation.

  • First, check your New Student Center (where you applied for admission) for your currently listed major and academic college. If it is correct, you are all set. If it is incorrect, see below.
  • To change your major within 10 days of the start of your assigned orientation session (e.g. May 16th for a May 26th-27th orientation session) please email the New Student Orientation staff at and they will assist you. Be sure to include your full name, UA student ID number, and the major you would like to have in your email.
  • To change your major more than 10 days before the start of your assigned orientation session (e.g. May 15th or before for a May 26th - 27th orientation session), login to your New Student Center and follow the Change of Major Form link under Application Management, on the lower right side of the screen. Select your new major from the list and submit. We will take care of the rest.

For the purposes of orientation, being listed in the correct academic college is the most important factor in your advising appointment set-up. If your New Student Center shows the correct academic college, but your major is not listed correctly, that's okay. We can update your major during your orientation advising appointment.

Pre-professional programs are intended to help students prepare for professional graduate coursework after the completion of their bachelor's degree. As such, they are not majors in-and-of themselves, but may be paired with a variety of majors across each academic college. The best choice of a major is an area of study that interests you and that you will do well in.

For more information:
Allied Health Professions (pre-med, pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy, etc.)
Pre-Veterinary Medicine