2022 Dates

Whether you are a new freshman, transfer freshman, or transfer student, orientation is designed to help in your transition to the University of Arkansas.

New Freshmen and Transfer Freshmen are required to attend orientation in order to enroll in their first semester of classes. Transfer Students are encouraged to participate in orientation but are not required to attend in order to enroll.

Admissions types are defined as follows:

  • New Freshmen are students with no college credit, with college credit earned through concurrent enrollment while in high school, or with college credit earned the summer immediately after high school graduation.
  • Transfer Freshmen are high school graduates with fewer than 24 transferable college credit hours earned after completing high school.
  • Transfer Students are high school graduates with more than 24 transferable college credit hours earned after completing high school.

Students admitted for fall 2022 will be invited to register for New Student Orientation starting in September 2021. Each orientation session has a capacity limit based on academic college. Registration for a session is first come, first served. Students are at no academic disadvantage for selecting a particular orientation date. The U of A continuously adds classes throughout the summer so no matter which orientation session you attend, you are guaranteed classes that meet your degree requirements.

Listed below are all orientation dates we had available at the beginning of registration in September based on admissions type. For a list of currently available sessions, please log in to your New Student Center using the email address you used on your application for admission. Please be advised, a waitlist is not available so we encourage you to register for the session that best fits your schedule.

New Freshmen and Transfer Freshmen

The 2022 New Student Orientation Guide is now available!

Which session is right for you?

For a student interested in visiting ahead of the semester to connect with other incoming students, stay overnight on campus, and enjoy additional face-to-face time with current students, a two-day orientation session is a great choice. Students will enroll in classes with their academic college on day two of a two-day session.

We host one-day orientations in June and August for those students who would like to receive all the same information as a two-day session but fit in an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (approximate) timeframe. If a student is interested in traveling to campus once prior to the semester beginning, a one-day session in August is a great option. Students attending these sessions can complete their orientation and enrollment steps, and then plan to move into their residence hall. Move-in selection times will be available in the Housing Portal starting June 7. Overnight accommodations are not provided to students attending a one-day session in June or August.

Students admitted to the Transitions Academic Program (TAP) are encouraged to select a two-day orientation experience in June. If a two-day session is not available, please contact the Office of New Student Orientation at nso@uark.edu or 479-575-4200 for assistance. On day one of your orientation experience, you will check in at Northwest Arkansas Community College at 10 a.m., and then check in at the University of Arkansas around 3 p.m. that afternoon. Your orientation experience will conclude at the University of Arkansas by 5 p.m. on day two. More information will be communicated to you via email in advance of orientation so you can adequately prepare to visit both campuses.

Two-Day Sessions

Incoming freshmen and transfer freshmen interested in a two-day orientation experience may have the option to select between an Honors session or Traditional session. The Honors sessions are limited to students already admitted to the Honors College. The Traditional sessions are open to all students, including Honors students if they are not able to attend an Honors session. These students can still visit with Honors College representatives and register for Honors classes regardless of the orientation they attend. For either type of two-day session, students should expect to check in at approximately 3 p.m. on day one and conclude their orientation experience before 4 p.m. on day two.

Overnight accommodations are available to all students attending a two-day session at no additional cost. The reservation process will begin in early May; however, students will not be able to select a specific room or their own roommate. Room assignments and roommate pairings are made at random.

For a list of currently available sessions, please log in to your New Student Center.

Session Type Session Dates
Honors May 25-26, 2022
Honors May 26-27, 2022
Honors * June 06-07, 2022
Traditional June 07-08, 2022
Traditional June 08-09, 2022
Traditional June 09-10, 2022
Traditional June 13-14, 2022
Traditional June 14-15, 2022
Traditional June 15-16, 2022
Traditional June 16-17, 2022
Traditional June 20-21, 2022
Traditional June 21-22, 2022
Traditional June 22-23, 2022
Traditional June 23-24, 2022
Traditional June 27-28, 2022
Traditional June 28-29, 2022
Traditional June 29-30, 2022
Traditional June 30-July 1, 2022

*June 6-7 is an honors session only for students in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering. Traditional students in other colleges may register for this session.

One-Day Sessions

A one-day orientation experience is designed for any student looking for an expedited orientation. Students can expect to check in at approximately 8 a.m. and their orientation will conclude before 5 p.m. Overnight accommodations are not available for students attending a one-day session.

Students attending a one-day session are encouraged to email the Housing Office to correspond their move-in with their orientation date. Move-in selection times will be available in the Housing Portal starting June 7.

Session Type Session Dates
(Spring Start)
January 6, 2022
Traditional June 6, 2022
Traditional June 13, 2022
Traditional June 20, 2022
Traditional June 27, 2022
Traditional August 8, 2022
Traditional August 9, 2022
Traditional August 10, 2022
Traditional August 11, 2022

Transfer Students

While transfer students are not required to participate in orientation in order to enroll in classes, it is strongly encouraged, as our program will prepare you for your first semester at the University of Arkansas. Students have the option to choose between an on-demand online orientation or a one-day in-person experience. Overnight accommodations are not available for students attending a one-day session.

Session Type Session Dates
Online On-Demand
In-Person August 18, 2022