How to Change Your Session

  1. If you want to change your orientation session later on, log in to your New Student Application Center, using the personal email you created your account with.
  2. Follow the "Manage Your Registration" link under your current session information.
    A screenshot of a New Student Center showing the orientation session the student is registered for, in their Admitted Student Checklist. Under the session information are links that say Manage Your Registration, and View List of Available Dates
  3. On the next screen, select "Cancel Registration".
    This screen shows the student's name and the date they registered for orientation. Underneath the date are two buttons, which read Edit Registration, and Cancel Registration.
  4. After the screen refreshes, follow the "Return to your New Student Center" link.
    This screen shows a link reading Return to your New Student Center, followed by the original session information. Under the original session information is a cancellation confirmation.
  5. Your Application Center will now display a "Register for New Student Orientation" link. Follow it to select your new session.
    The Admitted Student Checklist now shows a link to Register for New Student Orientation.