How to Register

You may register for orientation once you're admitted to the university. Please log into your New Student Center to view session options currently available based on your academic college. Please note, the U of A continuously adds classes throughout the summer, so no matter which orientation session you attend, you are guaranteed classes that meet your degree requirements.

Register, Reschedule, or Cancel

How to Register

  1. Login to your New Student Center using the personal email address and password you used to create your account.
  2. Select "Register for New Student Orientation" under Next Steps.
  3. View the available dates and select the session that best fits your summer schedule.
  4. Enter your necessary information for the session and click 'submit'.
  5. View your registration confirmation in your email, and continually refer to your email for updates regarding your session.

How to Change Your Session

  1. If you want to make changes to your orientation session, log in to your New Student Center.
  2. Under "Registered: New Student Orientation" select the "View List of Available Dates" link under your current session information.
  3. If an available date works for your schedule, click "return to your New Student Center".
  4. Select "Manage Your Registration" under "Registered: New Student Orientation".
  5. On the next screen, select "Cancel Registration".
  6. After the screen refreshes, follow the "Return to your New Student Center" link.
  7. Your New Student Center will now display a "Register for New Student Orientation" link.
  8. You may then complete the original registration process under a new session if necessary.

See How to Change Your Orientation Session for screenshots of the process.